Adam and cassie the secret circle books

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adam and cassie the secret circle books

The Captive Part II / The Power - Cassie and Adam or Cassie and Nick Showing of 23

Cassandra "Cassie" Blake is the main protagonist of the series , as well as the soul-mate of Adam Conant. Cassie is the only child of Black John and Alexandra Blake. After moving to New Salem with her mother, Cassie is initiated into the Circle and discovers that she is descended from a long line of powerful witches, and hence a potent witch in her own right. She also has an aunt from her father's side, Alice Black. In the first book, Cassie is portrayed as a pretty but shy girl who lives with her mother. From what she understood, her mother had a falling out with her maternal grandmother, and her father had left the family.
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The Secret Circle ~ Adam and Cassie Forever !! =D♥

In the second book, Cassie continues to be insecure and in love with Adam Conant. After Faye Chamberlain discovers Cassie's secret yearnings for Adam, she.

Cassie Blake (novel series)

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The Secret Circle is a novel series created by the author L. Originally published in as a trilogy, the series follows Cassie Blake as she and her mother move to the town of New Salem to live with Cassie's grandmother. There, Cassie discovers that she is a witch and is subsequently initiated into a Circle of eleven other teenage witches. However, as Cassie and the Circle delve into the old ways of witchcraft , they soon realize that magic comes with a price and attracts dark forces. In , The Secret Circle was reprinted into two omnibuses of the original trilogy.

Emaq Sep 06, PM I thought that Cassie and Nick were a really good couple but i dont think she loved him like she she did to Adam, but i really wanted her to end up with Nick and Adam with Diana. I felt the book didn't really describe the relationship with Nick and Cassie. So why should they even be together at all. They went to the prom together or some kind of event. Even though Diane and Adam was a perfect match, but I like the twist that this unknown girl came to the town and found out that she and Adam has a magical connection.

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The Initiation , the first part in a series of works entitled The Secret Circle , is a young adult novel by author L. The novel follows a young girl, Cassie Blake, who moves to New Salem. She befriends a mysterious group of teenagers who run the high school. She finds out that she's part of a coven of witches, and on top of that, the boy she's destined to be with is dating her best friend. A chance encounter brings sixteen-year-old Cassie Blake to fall for the mysterious Adam Conant.


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