Differences between ready player one book and movie

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differences between ready player one book and movie

We need to talk about everything that's wrong with Ready Player One | WIRED UK

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Published 17.01.2019

Ready Player One's MAJOR Differences Between The Book And Movie

We need to talk about everything that's wrong with Ready Player One

Kate Erbland. The prize? Here are the biggest ones. Beware: Many spoilers ahead. Not so in the film, which imagines that Halliday-hunting is a social activity albeit one that has gone a bit out of fashion, thanks to the lag time between the contest being announced and anyone actually making any headway on it. Visits to the Journals are lorded over by The Curator, who helps guide eager hunters to the appropriate memories and ephemera that might aid them on their quest.

How many times do you heard someone say the book was better than the movie? Some books seem so untouchable for being made into a movie that when it happens, there is always disappointment and backlash. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is one of those books that seemed like it could never get the big screen treatment, it was too deep and vast to be able to be represented on film. The Ready Player One movie, however, did not try to recreate the book but I think successfully managed to offer a bit of a different version. Both the book and the movie of Ready Player One have their own unique components that makes them enjoyable as two separate entities.

When a book is made into a movie, change is inevitable. After all, books have the freedom to be as long as they need and require at least some use of the imagination. Plus, books have the advantage of a narrator, giving you a constant inner-stream from at least one character. Still, the hope with any adaptation is that fans of the book will leave the theater satisfied despite the differences and non-readers will come away loving the story just as much as they would have had they devoured the book. As a fan of the book himself, Sheridan was satisfied with the transition. It's up to the audiences to decide if they agree, but in the meantime, here are five major differences and two comforting similarities that we spotted in the film, in theaters now. There are some differences that are apparent just from watching the trailer — things like the movie taking place in Columbus, Ohio, rather than Oklahoma City.


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