The romeo and juliet code book review

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the romeo and juliet code book review

The Romeo And Juliet Code (Felicity Bathburn #1) by Phoebe Stone

Thank you! Eleven-year-old Londoner Felicity has been left by her parents, Danny and Winnie, for the duration of World War II at the mansion her grandmother, uncle and aunt share on a Maine bluff overlooking the sea. Secrets abound, and adults are strangely, sometimes even bizarrely wary of informing her about any of them, although that leaves her feeling isolated and abandoned. Why is Uncle Gideon receiving encoded messages from Danny—all postmarked from Portugal? Who is the mysterious Captain Derek locked away in the upstairs bedroom? What caused the estrangement between Gideon and Danny, and what role did Winnie play?
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The Romeo and Juliet Code-April Book Cast By Hannah

The Romeo And Juliet Code

It seems unfair that my attention was first drawn to The Romeo and Juliet Code because of its cover. Oh my. No book, as I say, deserves to be held responsible for the sins of its jacket, but this book has sins of its own above and beyond its packaging. Ostensibly a kind of mystery for kids, folks with a low twee tolerance would do best to steer clear of this one. It is indeed beloved in its own right but this particular reviewer found its style to be strangely grating. As historical fiction goes, this does not go to the top of my list. Flissy has found herself unceremoniously dumped.

Sign up for our newsletters! Eleven-year-old Felicity Bathburn Budwig is a very proper British girl. She is stoic, plucky, and knows how to knit. She is a big fan of the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and proud of Britain's involvement in the war against Germany. But life in London amid the air raids is getting just too dangerous for children, so Felicity's parents, Winnie and Danny, manage to arrange passage for the family to America, where Danny's family lives on the coast of Maine. Winnie and Danny drop off Felicity and her beloved companion, the stuffed bear Wink with Danny's family, whom Felicity has never met before.

P raise for The Romeo and Juliet Code. Bright and bold Felicity Bathburn Budwig's parents leave her with her father's family in Maine, without an explanation, far from her beloved and endangered home in England.
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The Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone

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