Smoke and mirrors gaiman book

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smoke and mirrors gaiman book

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It was first published in the United States in , and in the United Kingdom in Many of the stories in this book are reprints from other sources, such as magazines, anthologies , and collections including ten stories and poems from Gaiman's earlier small press miscellany Angels and Visitations. The included stories and poems are different between some of the editions; the US, UK, and eBook editions have some differences in the stories they contain see table to right :. Ellen Datlow Ellen Datlow is an American science fiction and horror editor and anthologist. Datlow was the fiction editor of Omni magazine and Omni Online from through , edited the ten associated Omni anthologies, she co-edited the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror series from to , followed by the team of Gavin Grant and Kelly Link until the series end She now edits The Best Horror of the Year published by Night Shade Books. She has edited many original science fiction and horror anthologies on her own, as well as collaborations with Terri Windling , one with Nick Mamatas , one with Lisa Morton , she was editor of the webzine Event Horizon : Science Fiction and Horror from through , was the editor of Sci Fiction until it ceased publication with its last piece of fiction, December 28,
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Neil Gaiman ~ Smoke and Mirrors; Short Fictions and Illusions #Audiobook

Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions is a collection of short stories and poems by Neil Gaiman. It was first published in the United States in , and.

Smoke+mirrors by Gaiman

But one thing I did was read a lot, mainly because our library in Roselle was awesome. It was a riff off the Snow White story, and yet so simple, so elegant. It was the introduction. It offered fascinating insight into how he created each story—sort of like reading linear notes. And what was extra cool was that he actually put a story in the introduction. It was like a bonus buy-one-get-one-free. I found myself flipping to the introduction a lot as I read through Smoke and Mirrors.

Because Neil Gaiman does most of his writing for comic books and graphic novels, the scope and richness of his talent have thus far been overlooked by the average reader. Smoke And Mirrors is only the second book of "pure" fiction he's had published, after last year's novel Neverwhere , and it pretty much counts as his first short-story collection. Roughly half of these pieces have appeared as the best stories in various collections covering the themes of sex and horror, or horror and fairy tales, or vampires and sex, or what have you; Gaiman's work has been the only really good thing in a variety of poorly conceived anthologies. This only adds to the problem of categorization that Gaiman must overcome: Like Ray Bradbury before him, he writes lovely little horror stories, fairy tales, and fantasies which are as familiar as they are fabulous, stories that are never quite what the reader expects. In "Troll Bridge," Gaiman proposes that one might grow to appreciate the idea of hungry trolls under bridges; in "Bay Wolf," he combines Baywatch , Beowulf , and a werewolf in a serious and relatively plausible fashion; and in "Snow, Glass, Apples," he explores the chilling possibilities of inverting the Snow White mythos. The building blocks of Gaiman's little fantasies—the vampires, the stray cats that are much more than they seem, the end of the world—are certainly standard, and he doesn't ever pretend otherwise. But by flawlessly blending them with the small and mundane, by letting an old lady find the Holy Grail in a secondhand store, he makes the threat and promise of everyday magic seem wonderful, terrible, and almost even possible.

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Also in the introduction a short paragraph per story, that tells us how each of them came to be, whether they were ordered for a particular publication or came to life out of nothing, or how and where they were published if ever — most of all he talks about what inspired them and it gives an amazing insight into the mind of the author — provided that he is speaking the truth of course. Smoke and mirrors remember? There are 34 short stories altogether — they can either be one page long or several. In different formats: most in prose, some in verse, one sestina. I read the book over a one month period, savouring one or two a day depending on my mood I skipped the poems as they are not really my cup of tea, though and some were better than the others or course, but quite a few were simply outstanding, about ten of them.

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