Food and farm facts book pdf

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food and farm facts book pdf

Food And Farm Facts

A farm is an area of land that is devoted primarily to agricultural processes with the primary objective of producing food and other crops ; it is the basic facility in food production. It includes ranches , feedlots , orchards , plantations and estates, smallholdings and hobby farms, and includes the farmhouse and agricultural buildings as well as the land. In modern times the term has been extended so as to include such industrial operations as wind farms and fish farms , both of which can operate on land or sea. Farming originated independently in different parts of the world, as hunter gatherer societies transitioned to food production rather than, food capture. It may have started about 12, years ago with the domestication of livestock in the Fertile Crescent in western Asia, soon to be followed by the cultivation of crops. Modern units tend to specialise in the crops or livestock best suited to the region, with their finished products being sold for the retail market or for further processing, with farm products being traded around the world.
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Organic Sustainable Farming is the Future of Agriculture - The Future of Food

Get your copy here. The booklet is 32 pages of information about food and american agriculture. Information is presented in easy to read infographics.

Food and Farm Facts Now Available!

On the surface, a package of small-farm, grass-fed beef may look entirely identical to a packet of generically-raised beef. Very low food security - At times during the year, eating patterns of one or more household members were disrupted and food intake reduced because the household lacked money and other resources for food. Updated October 1, Highlights Allulose is a rare, naturally-occurring sugar. The booklet is 32 pages of information about food and american agriculture. These methods of producing food leave a host of problems in their wake.

Agriculture has always been an important part of the Illinois economy. Although the number of farms continues to decline, farmland still covers about 75 percent of the state. In , the U. D epartment of A griculture counted 72, farms in Illinois , with just over 75, farm oper ators. More than 90 percent of Illinois farms are still family farms. Most Illinois farmers are over age 50, and nearly half hold additional jobs off the farm. T he state is consistently a national leader in both corn and soybean production , but Illinois farmers also produce a variety of specialty crops, often leading the nation in pumpkin and horseradish production.

The book features facts about food in America, how it is grown and who produces it, using color photographs and infographic style illustrations. Get the Book here! This page lists some ways you can use Food and Farm Facts to help others learn about American agriculture! Help us spread the word! Start a Farm Fact Friday! You can use these shareable tweets. These images are copyrighted and can only be used to share online as is.

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