Good and the beautiful book list

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good and the beautiful book list

The Good and the Beautiful: A Conversation With Homeschooler Jenny Phillips

Jenny Phillips, who enjoyed success as a songwriter and music producer, is a homeschooling mom who started The Good and the Beautiful in Her company provides educational tools for teaching subjects including language arts, math, history, and science. We asked Ms. What led you to decide to homeschool your children? Jenny Phillips: It hit me quite suddenly one day that I was in charge of who taught my children, what they were taught, and how they were taught, but I had zero control over any of those things. Homeschooling has allowed me the beautiful experience of choosing what is best for each of my unique children and to incorporate the things that matter most to us into education: God, family, nature, and high character.
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Be Brave About Books - The Good and the Beautiful

Are you concerned about disrespect, inappropriate language and material, and low educational and literary value in the books your children are reading? Jenny .

The Good and the Beautiful History Curriculum

One of the most exciting things about being a homeschool mom is choosing homeschool curriculum. When I first started teaching, I was sort of just taking a stab at curriculum and choosing things that I thought were wonderful resources, and they certainly were. The language arts program had been released and Levels were free. Several months later I was struggling with my then eight year old. I had no way of measuring his progress.

The curriculum is designed for the family to use together, covering grades 1 through GBHC draws its historical material from more than 40 history books that were written during the late s and early s. While older source material has been used, it has been rewritten somewhat for modern audiences and combined with additional, newly-written material. The first unit in Year 1 begins with biblical history and ancient Egyptian history. The second unit jumps up to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The third unit shifts to U. The fourth unit broadens out to world history, covering selected events from the Victorian era up through the fall of the Soviet Union.

Longtime readers will know of my love for Sonlight.
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With 5 young children to homeschool, to say my time is limited would be a massive understatement. I spend most my days hopping from child to child, hoping that I am fitting everything in and barely having time to have a break to eat something or go to the bathroom. They all need me… all the time. I have tried group studies, I have tried all-in-one curriculums, I have tried teaching them all together but none of it works for us. I HAD to adapt and personalize our studies.


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