Fox and friends book interviews

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fox and friends book interviews

Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Wrote the Book on Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans

And the battle was certainly miraculous—it lasted under 45 minutes, led by a dysentery-ridden Jackson, yet the American casualties were minuscule compared to the damage U. I wanted to focus on this battle because it was so consequential to the future of our country, and the fact that we won it, with a general with almost no experience but with great instincts and leadership, who was as patriotic as anybody because he felt like he was raised by the entire country. You have a guy who rallied together a uniquely American army of Choctaw Indians, free men of color, Tennessee militia, Kentucky long rifles who were sharp shooters, and he put them together with pirates and marines and they were able to wipe out an army that destroyed Napoleon in under 45 minutes. I met some unbelievable historians, Ron Drez and Doug Brinkley and Jon Meacham , and they showed me the paperwork that revealed that Britain had every intention of holding onto New Orleans. And they never really believed that Napoleon had the right to sell us the Louisiana Purchase. So they were going to sign that treaty, wipe out whatever armies were in their way and hold New Orleans. And if you hold that city, you control the mouth of the Mississippi.
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Gen. Jim Mattis on war and Trump

In this timely, entertaining and inspiring book, Jedediah Bila chronicles her chaotic, confusing, and all-consuming love-hate relationship with her cell phone.

FOX & Friends Book Club

President Donald Trump has tweeted praise for nearly two dozen books shortly after watching their authors be interviewed on Fox, according to a Media Matters review of his Twitter feed and of Fox News and Fox Business programming during his presidency. He frequently tweets about segments that interest him in near-real time, triggering international incidents and congressional feuds. I read -- I read areas, I read chapters. I just -- I don't have the time. Their authors are often Fox personalities some of whom serve dual roles as outside presidential advisers or former members of his campaign or administration. He then sends a tweet telling his followers to read their books, often just minutes after the segment airs.

Jackson is, and has always been, a controversial figure. Learn how Andrew Jackson saved the country in the War of and became a household name who would change the course of American history. Trump is compared to Pres. Jackson so often — and why some of those comparisons make sense. What listeners may not know is that Kilmeade started his career at Fox in as a sports reporter. When the British fought the United States in the War of , they focused on New Orleans as a key point of riverine and maritime commerce, hoping to seize the city and cripple the young country economically.

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China expert Robert Spalding reveals the shocking success China has had infiltrating American institutions and compromising our national security. When it comes to running a business, the most important decisions a leader makes are not about products or locations--they're about people. From the publisher: The internationally recognized Bible teacher and daughter of Billy Graham combines unique biblical insights and her own personal stories to show how the Holy Spirit guides us in our decisions, comforts us in pain, and stays by our side at all times, enriching our daily lives. Schwarzman, a long-awaited book that uses impactful episodes from Schwarzman's life to show readers how to build, transform, and lead thriving organizations. A deeply researched international history and analysis of how a divided world ended and our present world was fashioned, as the world drifts toward another great time of choosing. The Left is bulldozing through American history. We the People are the only ones who can stop them.


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