Texas cosmetology laws and rules book 2015

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texas cosmetology laws and rules book 2015

Texas Cosmetology Frequently Asked Questions

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Cosmetology Law

Notwithstanding Section A person holding a license or certificate issued under this chapter shall display the license or certificate in the person's place of business or employment. A person may not operate a beauty shop, specialty shop, or private beauty culture school on the same premises as another one of those facilities unless the facilities are separated by walls of permanent construction without an opening between the facilities. The holder of a private beauty culture school license shall furnish each prospective student with:. A private beauty culture school shall notify the department when a student graduates from a course of training offered by the school and is eligible to take the appropriate examination.

What does Board mean? The Advisory Board on Cosmetology. What does Commission, and Department mean? What is meant by Executive Director The executive director of the department. What does public school include? A public high school, a public junior college or any other nonprofit tax exempt institution that conducts a cosmetology program. List the primary services cosmetology includes.

Application for Licensure by Endorsement. Unless otherwise indicated, each new law takes effect January 1, News Education. Barber and Personal Licenses may be renewed as early as the 1st of the month prior to your renewal month ex. The new laws take effect on January 1, Governor Brown signed into law a number of bills, which significantly impact employers.


The special event law passed in the 84th Legislative Session allows a licensed Cosmetologist to perform cosmetology services at the location of a special event if the appointment is made through a licensed salon. Does the appointment need to be made through a licensed salon? What services may I perform at a special event? Do I have to apply for a special event license? No, there is no special event license or permit. All licensees may perform a service within the scope of their license at the location of a special event if the appointment is made through a salon.


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    Protection Racket: Occupational Licensing Laws and the Right to Earn a Living

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    Chapter of the Texas Occupations Code sets the statutory authority for the (b) The commission by rule may amend the definition of cosmetology to.

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