History of the kings and queens of england book

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history of the kings and queens of england book

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From the reign of Alfred the Great - the first king of Wessex to call himself 'king of England' - in the 9th century, to the shock of Norman invasion in the 11th, and from the brutal vicissitudes of late medieval kingship to the comfortable ceremonial of modern-day constitutional monarchy, the story of England's kings and queens is to a large degree that of England herself. Each monarch is elegantly profiled and the impact of their rule on wider English history clearly and concisely described and analysed. For every king and queen there is a detailed timeline, and the narrative is further amplified by display quotations, feature boxes, panels of key biographical facts, and - last but not least - by lavish full-colour images. Ian Crofton recounts a year tale of murder, invasion, usurpation, adultery, divorce, civil war and revolution in a manner that is as entertaining as it is informative. The Kings and Queens of England is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an illustrated account of the English monarchy from the Anglo-Saxon era to the present. This book contains all the basic info you need to on the British Monarchy, what they have represented for us and key Please sign in to write a review.
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History of the Kings and Queens of England - Introduction - 1

The Kings and Queens of England [Ian Crofton] on phuketcarrent.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written by Ian Crofton, this is an illustrated history of the.

The Kings and Queens of England

This well-researched book is perhaps the most complete account of both Henry and Agincourt currently available. If you seek to read just one great book about the British monarchy, make it this one. Bradford uses exclusive interviews with those closest to the Princess of Wales to separate fact from fiction. In Edward VI , author Chris Skidmore details the hope brought about by the new king, the rebellions that occurred when that hope died out, and the oft-forgotten about young king who died far too young. Said to be the most beautiful women in Europe, Eleanor of Aquitaine was the wife of two kings and the mother of three. Bestselling historian Alison Weir provides readers with a fascinating look at this strong woman, ahead of her time in so many ways.

This will be a bumper year for the Queen — and for books about her ancestors. Queen Victoria, the current record-holder, ruled for 63 years and days. Our Queen will pass that record on September But, to make things tricky, the Queen has had 16 leap years in her reign; Queen Victoria had only However you do the maths, it will be an extraordinary landmark, not least because the Queen will be 89, eight years older than Queen Victoria on her death in A dwindling proportion of the British population remember any monarch other than Elizabeth II.

These books were aimed to please both the general reader and those who already were informed about the reign of the monarch assessed in each volume. Most of the volumes were published between and , with a few being published as late as There was also a short run of reprints from to of some of the titles which extended the life of the series. The name of whoever was responsible for abandoning the attractive original covers for the newer ones has not been discovered! Each book was written by a different author, with some authors writing more than one. The general editor was Antonia Fraser who in was already a well known and best selling historian.

The Kings and Queens of England [Ian Crofton] on phuketcarrent.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A richly illustrated history of the lives and reigns of the.
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The books are written by some of the leading experts within their respective fields, incorporating the latest historical research. Several books in the English Monarchs series have previously also been published by the University of California Press , though the series is today in the hands of Yale University Press. The following table shows books published or forthcoming. Unless otherwise stated, the given regnal name also makes up the book title. The date given is the original publishing date of each book. Titles published by the University of California Press are in italics. Included in the list are also intervening monarchs on whom no books have been published yet.

T he most compelling books on royal families, for me, are those that entwine a gripping personal narrative with a national or international story and help to deepen our understanding of history. To appreciate what is at stake for the protagonists and how they make their choices depends on how skilfully the historical context is woven into the writing without overloading the prose. My favourite books are those that provide fresh insights on historical events while allowing the reader to inhabit the world of the royal characters. As I sat in the royal archives in the Round Tower at Windsor reading the extensive correspondence between the queen and her grandchildren, it was clear that the queen had a passion for matchmaking. Victoria could not foresee that the family dynamic also contained the seeds of its own catastrophic downfall in which cousin was set against cousin, husband against wife and even sister against sister.


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