Between a rock and a hard place book review

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between a rock and a hard place book review

Between a Rock and a Hard Place -- book review

Ralston's story is one of the most gut-wrenching and compelling real-life adventures in recent years: in early , the avid rock-climber and outdoorsman became trapped in a Utah mountain canyon when an pound boulder pinned his right arm. He spent six days there, fighting both the physical challenges of pain and dehydration, and the psychological horror that eroded his hope and energy. Eventually, he amputated his own arm with his pocket knife in order to gain his freedom. It's a truly remarkable story, and hearing Ralston retell it is alternately fascinating and unbearable. After a brief setup that details his life as an adventurer, he arrives at his moment of horror, walking the listener in painstaking detail through everything he felt and thought; his honest and blunt language " 'What are you doing, Aron? Get that knife away from your wrist! Although squeamish listeners might find this audio presentation too overwhelming, it's a riveting document of one man's extraordinary trial.
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The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Rate this book. A brilliantly written, funny, honest, inspiring, and downright astonishing report from the line where death meets life which will surely take its place in the annals of classic adventure stories. One of the most extraordinary survival stories ever told -- Aron Ralston's searing account of his six days trapped in one of the most remote spots in America, and how one inspired act of bravery brought him home.


I cannot advise you which to take, or lead you through it all -- you must decide for yourself Blue John is a wild, remote canyon in the red rocks of central-eastern Utah. Saturday morning, April 26th, Sun shining, wind blowing, Ralston unloads his mountain bike from his pick-up, rides across miles of washboard and loose sand before reaching the trailhead and the start of a journey into the soul of a man. Bike over, he descends into the canyon, Phish playing over his headphones, deep in thought and unaware of what lay ahead. Within a short time, Ralston encounters two Moab women.

It started out as a simple hike in the Utah canyonlands on a warm Saturday afternoon. For Aron Ralston, a twenty-seven-year-old mountaineer and outdoorsman, a walk into the remote Blue John Canyon was a chance to get a break from a winter of solo climbing Colorado's highest and toughest peaks. He'd earned this weekend vacation, and though he met two charming women along the way, by early afternoon he finally found himself in his element: alone, with just the beauty of the natural world all around him. It was P. Eight miles from his truck, in a deep and narrow slot canyon, Aron was climbing down off a wedged boulder when the rock suddenly, and terrifyingly, came loose.

A totally inspiring and moving true story, which was cringe-worthy in parts. This book has some strong messages to take with you on your own travels. I will never be far from my phone and I will always let my family know where I am going! I gave this book a four-star rating as it was extremely well written and was very emotional in places. When he was leaving small videos on this camera for his family I had to wipe a tear or two from my face.

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I watch dawn pushing its way into the canyon. It is Thursday, May 1 - day six of my ordeal. I cannot believe I'm still alive. I should have died days ago. Without any task or stimulus, I'm no longer living, no longer surviving. I'm just waiting.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place tells the story of Aron Ralston well, and leaves the reader with plenty to mull over when the last page has been turned. Harrowing survival stories never get old, at least to those with the luxury of an armchair perspective. The story itself is simple. Aron Ralston, an experienced mountaineer, takes an impromptu trip to Canyonlands without leaving a detailed itinerary. While traveling through a remote slot canyon, he is dramatically trapped by a boulder when it shifts and pins his right forearm to the wall.


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