Civil war books and authors

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civil war books and authors

Civil War Book List -

Matthew Gallman, Matthew C. Below are their responses. Ulysses S. Grant Often described as the best book by a U.
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How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

Civil War Book List

As usual, we enlisted the help of a handful of Civil War historians and enthusiasts, avid readers all, and asked them to pick their two favorite books published in Below are their picks. Wilson Greene. Jonathan M. Steplyk has employed extensive research in primary sources to offer insights into how citizen soldiers reacted and adapted to the reality of deadly combat in all of its Civil War forms.

The Civil War is cemented in history as the deadliest war fought on American soil. For four years, the Unioners of the North fought the Confederates of the South, hoping to dismantle the institution of slavery. This led to the loss of over , lives and, ultimately, the assassination of President Lincoln in Thousands of Civil War books have been written since the first shot rang out in Though no single book can attempt to cover the endless tragedies or important events that occurred over those four years, the following works add valuable new perspectives to the narrative. In Grierson's Raid , a former music teacher leads almost 2, Union troopers from Tennessee to Louisiana.

If, like me, you received a necktie with reindeer on it from Santa instead of a good Civil War book under the Christmas tree, then you might try selecting one for yourself from my own list of the top 12 Civil War books, which I offer here in the spirit of the season and, even more appropriately, as the th anniversary of the war is about to begin. Perhaps your own observance of the sesquicentennial could include reading one of these books a month over the next year. If so, I can promise you'll be edified by every one of them, even if they do not end up on your own personal list of favorite Civil War books. And something more: there'll be no exam next December. Putting together such a list is, of course, a nearly impossible task, given the stacks and stacks of excellent books on the Civil War that have been published since Historians like to say that 60, books, give or take a few thousand, have been written about the war, but I'd wager that estimate is way too low.

Beilein, Jr.
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One great book for each month of 2011, the sesquicentennial of the War Between the States

Beilein, Jr. UGA Press , Even though it was completed under less than ideal conditions in when the writer was an old man, William H. Gregg's memoir of his Civil War experiences as a notorious bushwhacker remains a valuable record of events in Missouri and Kansas as witnessed by a close associate of William C. In addition to annotating Gregg's personal account which runs 32 pages in the book, with 10 more pages of addenda , Beilein " also includes correspondence between Gregg and William E.

Any recommended reading list therefore has to be highly selective and at least somewhat arbitrary. The books are broken down by category; after General Histories and Lincoln, the categories are arranged alphabetically; within each category the books are arranged alphabetically by author. Brief comments by Professor McPherson on books in his list have been included. Bruce Catton. A fast-paced chronicle of the fighting on the battlefield and the infighting in the political capitals of Washington and Richmond.


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