Best ap us history review book

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best ap us history review book

3 Best Books for AP, SAT US History - Books Ranked and Reviews

Each resource has its respective strengths and weaknesses, so our advice would be to figure out which AP US History review book has the most to offer you and your personality. It would be better to use one APUSH review book well then to jump back and forth between a bunch of books. History Exam. This book is designed by the Princeton Review, an organization that has almost four decades of experience designing review books. Cracking the AP U. History Exam includes several sections that review content, explain the structure of the test, and introduce time-tested strategies for success.
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HOW TO GET A 5: AP US History

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These books offer helpful strategies for test-taking, as well as, information to help you review the content for the exam. Some are better than others when it comes to preparing for the exam. History book has over pages of helpful strategies and content for review. The book was written by a high school teacher who taught AP U. With a higher level of experience, you can be assured that the book covers the information students need to know in a way that is easy from them to understand. There is a comprehensive history based on the updated standards. The book follows the key concepts outlined by College Board, so students get a complete review for the exam.

Advanced Placement AP. Look no further. In this post, we cover the best AP US History books, from textbooks to prep books, and even study tools such as flashcards and websites. Not only does it include all the material you must know for the AP US History exam, but it also has lots of helpful tools, including timelines at the end of chapters to help you get down dates and primary sources to help you prepare for the Document-Based Question DBQ. What's more, The American Pageant reads more like a novel than it does a textbook, so many students find it more engaging than your usual US history class readings. That said, if you want a more straightforward textbook, check out our textbook review post and also keep reading for our thoughts on APUSH prep books.

Buy this book on Amazon. These books always help my daughter, not just with the exam but as she pointed out, she uses it as a guide for her class work to get better grades. Don't wait until months before the exam, get it now and support them though out the school year. I read the entire thing over the month prior to the A. P test, it seemed very useful. Each time period is perfecrly condensed as much as it can be without leaving out important information. I took the practice test when I got the book; did terrible.

Best Books for SAT US History (APUSH)

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    Want a 5 on AP US History this year? You won't get there without these resources . Find out what the best AP US History review books of

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    The Best AP US Government and Politics Review Books of .. Check out our archives for other AP History & Social Sciences, AP History.

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    Best Book for SAT US History is AMSCO

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